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Player render issue at distance; only torso/not rendering at all
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I've noticed multiple times that at a distance, players don't render beyond 200m in native view. Use middle mouse zoom, and they either render, or are only floating torsos. Use a scope and they render in full. This is a huge problem. DayZ has always been a game of scale, and being able to spot a white pixel from someones white pants at 500m's lead to many memorable moments. The fact players in many cases DONT RENDER beyond 200m is absurd. Attached are 2 examples. Players should be rendered when in view, not matter what. The only culling should occur when entirely eclipsed by an occluder.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Position your character 100m from another character. Slowly distance yourself, testing zoom from a gun, with middle mouse, and native FOV, and see the differing LOD's as the gap grows. Eventually between 100-300m, the player will transition from a full body, to a floating torso, to nothing in native fov. Slowly the same happens to zoom mode, but I dont believe theres a point where players dont render with naked eye zoom. It seems scopes FORCE player render.

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Uncuepa created this task.Jul 13 2019, 6:38 AM