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Tents glitch through floor
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We are in the castle in the Old Fields. I tried to build a tent in the first floor, wooden floor halfway up, however, the tent glitched through the ground and is now face forward in the stairs - there is no way of entering or closing or interacting in general anymore. It just sits their and takes away space.

THEN we came across another tent and as smart as we are, we tried to build it on the top floor. We thought it might work as it is made of stone like the bottom floor (there it worked just fine) and that tent ALSO glitched downwards, literally on the other tent. Now while my friend managed to get into the second one halfway (before the inner room with tent-floor) he is stuck inside there and due to being blocked by our first at-tent at placing one (i am so sorry for this pun), he cant close or fold the second one nor can he get out.

Our Server is and I hope you can either help us somehow directly or get us in contact with the serveradmin or something along those lines? I wrote a mail to who apparently host the server too.

I hope you can help me!
BTW if it is of importance, we placed the blue medium tents.


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Ar2rias created this task.Jul 4 2019, 8:36 PM

it's not only tents, almost all vanilla items you have to place will glitch through the ground level. No matter what structure.
Can be replicated with all tents, spotlights and many more items

It happens as well in other tall buildings as apartments buildings. But at least it does not happen with barrels.

bprisbrey85 added a subscriber: bprisbrey85.EditedJul 5 2019, 2:03 PM

There is one tent glitched in ground @ greenfield military base in front of the door on us sj 0852 on ps4