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Client not Responding when Setting Logout Timer > 30 sec
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Since the 1.04 Update you can modify the Logout Timer and I set it to 60 sec and noticed, that the Player would be kicked for Client not responding, when Logging out imidietly and leaving the char on the server. This makes it obsolete to put the Logout Timer higher than 30 sec and reintroduces the bug with the player logging back in, since he was kicked by the Server, als sliding on the ground unable to stand up


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set Logout Timer to 60 sec
  2. Join the server
  3. Leave and go to the main menu
  4. Client will be kicked
  5. Log Back in and you will slide on the ground

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Hello LBmaster and thank you for the report.
We have tested the issue internally, however, we could not produce the issue.
Are you using any mods or have you adjusted anything else on the server, which could be causing this problem?

I've tested a bit with all the Mods installed and it seems to be the Trader Mod causing this issue. I'll message the creator of the Mod and tell it to him. Did not think this mod could cause these issues. If you want to test it too, install the Trader Mod on the Server and Client ;)

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