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Issues with players hearing own voice (megaphone, radio, etc)
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I’ve experienced a couple of issues, I assume are both linked to the new change in 1.04 where players can hear their own voice through the megaphone, PAS, and radios.

Once, after using a PAS. I could hear my character’s voice in the PAS speakers, even though I was 50m+ away from the PAS. I was talking in game, and the person with me could hear THEIR voice, but not mine. So it appears to be just a client-side issue.

Another time, I turned on a walkie talkie, in a shed, and began speaking. The static sound of the walkie talkie stayed in the shed, and got more quiet, the further from the shed I stood. The walkie talkie was attached to my backpack, but the sound had been left in the shed.

The above issue seems similar to the flare bug we had in 1.02, where the sound of a flare would stay in the area you lit it.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Use the PAS in a town with a friend. Walk away from the PAS, and talk to each other in game. Can still hear your own voice through the speakers. I have not tested it repeatedly.

The radio bug again, could be random. But turn on the radio, talk into it. Sometimes the static sound stays in one location.

Additional Information

Have not tested repeatedly, so may be difficult to reproduce.

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