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Arma 3 does not measure weapon reloadTime correctly and all weapons have a reduced rate of fire.
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To get it out of the way early, no, this is not related to low frame rate causing low ROF due to the limit on fired events.
This has been tested from 60fps to over 200fps with the same results.

Problem seems to be that Arma is not correctly calculating how much time has passed between shots and sometimes delays the subsequent shot by an extra frame or two.
This slows down the rate of fire of weapons, on average by 8.47%, but with an extreme reduction of up to 22% for some weapons.

Test data can be viewed here:
The script used to retrieve this data is here:


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Reduce graphics settings to low to remove potential issues with low frame rates interfering with the test.
  2. Load the VR map in Eden.
  3. Place a single unit armed with any automatic weapon.
  4. Launch the mission.
  5. Run the test script in the debug console.
  6. Set the weapon to the full auto fire mode.
  7. Aim at the sky and fire the entire magazine in a single long burst.
  8. Observe data output to see the actual rate of fire and the expected rate of fire.

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