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Voice Chat not working at all on PS4
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Ive been having issues with voice chat since launch, i have everything set up but i cant communicate with anyone in game which makes my player interactions quite impossible in the game.

The mic icon shows, and shows that im speaking but those in the other end can't hear me.
Same thing happens with me, mic icon shows with the username next to it, but i cant hear them say anything.

Headset works fine in parties, so its not headset related its just like i am connected to the voip server, but none of the actual audio packets are recieved by me..
Please help


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Windows 7
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No steps to reproduce as it happens everytime on all servers

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Hold down on the d pad

heaps added a subscriber: heaps.Jun 17 2019, 8:05 AM

Check your party chat settings on the ps4 are set to "prioritise game chat"
If this is not set it won't work.

Ive done what you all guys mentioned. Its servers related.

I've never had that issue. The issue I have with voice chat is when someone talks, most of the time, there's a super loud high-pitched screeching noise before or after they say something.

Agreed this issue may be proximity based as well tho.

at least you have the voip icon next to your name on ps4. i dont even have that showing up. have all the voice chat settings right too.

I’m new to Dayz on the PS4. Loving the game except my voIP isn’t enabled. I hear other players but can’t talk. I’m not in party chat, know to press down on dpad but I get no icon I’m talking. I have checked all settings, and used three different headsets all different brands. I’m sick of getting shot when I fail to talk, can anyone assist?

at least you have the voip icon next to your name on ps4. i dont even have that showing up. have all the voice chat settings right too.

Exactly the same here

cchocas added a subscriber: cchocas.Mar 8 2020, 9:48 PM

Either you developers fix this issue or i demand getting a refund for the game. The voip is fundamental for playing the game and not having voip enabled is killing my game experience and making it impossible to play. I will look into legal actions if necessary. Fix the issue alreadt or refund me. Simple as this.

I understand there is still no solution for this problem. I am having the same problem.
Playing on a PS4 pro, all the settings are correct. Two headphones with mics that work fine in other applications. Tried changing to NAT1 but no result.
Tried to work on a solution by changing the settings in the sp modem, no result.
Whatever I try, the voip symbol is not showing up behind the username. I can hear other players fine, just can’t reply, which takes so much gameplay out of the game.
The developers should be able to fix this? That would make this otherwise beautiful game even better.