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setUnconscious desync in multiplayer
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Issue has been occurring since about 3-4 patches ago.

When player units are 'setUnconscious true' in a multiplayer game, their unconscious state is not always being updated correctly to other in-game clients after they have ragdolled - Only one client seems to be affected by this each occurrence.

For the affected client, the unit never switches from their ragdoll state to the 'wounded' animation when going unconscious.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

I've not found a way to reproduce it reliably, but it seems to occur when the units ragdoll hits a nearby object - rock/wall etc...

Additional Information

This is pretty annoying in a multiplayer game where often you're trying to our team are near you but you can't see them.

remoteExecing 'setUnconscious false' globally for the unit does not fix this for the clients so doesn't seem like a scripting error.
remoteExecing 'switchMove ""' globally for the unit does not fix this for the clients.

The clients do however correctly pick up the animationState of the unit correctly, I think they also correctly picked up the units lifestate too - But the behaviour is almost like the unit was killed.

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2600K created this task.Jun 13 2019, 12:16 AM
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Encountered the issue again and can confirm the position of the desynced unit does not change, all other values appear to sync correctly.