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Idea to fix stamina.
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I think stamina is pretty bad and not fiting this amazing realistic design idea. I have 2 ideas to fix it. One is just making stamina bar 100x longer and making it regen much longer. It would make mele more interesting because players who rested for more would have bigger chances. Running wouldnt be as boring too and resting would make perfect time to reload mags, eat, make campfire, repair guns and clothes. Other one is that heavier you are slower you run and lower you jump. It would have 4 stages (could re-use animations of limping with some tweaks) where everyone would start from some stage of being heavy. 1st is newspawn, full speed, longest jump. 2nd starts at lets say rifle some loot and backpack. It would make player 90% the speed and 60% jump height. 3rd would start from like 35kg or so (dont know full weight of this items) Backpack with some loot, plate carrier, assault rifle, ammo, clothes, helmet, all loot you would need. 75% (or 80%) movement speed and 50% jump heigh (vaulting will let players get over fences anyway). 4th is point of building base, repairing car where you have many heavy items. 60kg lets say and 60% movement speed and no ability to jump or 40%. It would be more fun for new players and advanced survivors who are simply bored of this stamina and streamers who can just run and read chat.


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Windows 10 x64
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NakedByo created this task.Jun 11 2019, 5:07 PM