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Bug: The whole game
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This game was obviously not tested before release.

There are major sync issues between all clients connected to the server. Most of the time I will see an item on the ground and a friend will pick it up and it will still be there, but when I try to pick it up, it does not allow me, but friend doesn't see it. If he tries to drop it for me to grab, it does not appear on the ground, but he still sees it, and it disappears from it's origin where it spawned. Also, the stances and weapons in hand appear wrong or not at all when looking at other players in the map which makes it hard to tell if they have guns or not which can get you killed. This happens 95% OF THE TIME. I know for A FACT that you're so bad at testing your own game that you didn't even catch that one of the CORE FEATURES of the game does not work, or you did catch it and just didn't care one bit.

Secondly, getting into a car that does not have 4 wheels on it makes the car go flying up in the air and you die from physics. Think about this one real quick. You modeled a 3d car, all of its parts, wrote code for you to get in and out of it, and FAILED TO TEST IF IT WORKS????!!! Somebody would get fired if I was project manager. Every single car I've gotten into has bounced around, so either it was tested and you didn't care about it, or you didn't test it at all. This is not some intricate glitch where you have to go through 100 steps to cheat the game. This is meant to be in the game. IT IS A FEATURE. FIX YOUR GAME OR FIX YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Navigating the UI is a catastrophe. You crouch down when you press circle to get out of the menu. I know that you can get out of the menu with the touch pad, but sometimes that doesn't even work.

I'm tired of paying for games and finding tons of glitches within the first day of playing. Just play your own damn game for 5 minutes, and fix the bugs ffs or people will not give you their money any more.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Play the game for atleast 5 minutes

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I bet anyone 500 dollars none of this will get fixed on next update.

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This comment was removed by Dwarden.

This is why I'll never give Bohemia another dollar again, ever. If they intend on releasing anymore games, count me the fuck out.

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