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Suggestion for ArmA 3 First Contact
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Well, as the title says it isn't a bug(s) report, it is a suggestion. I was sent to this site by (Jiří Kunt via RT) after trying to send the suggestion with Gmail.

As a fan of ArmA 3 and all it's content i can't wait for an alien expansion, i will buy First Contact the day it releases. I read that two new factions was to be included, the Russian armed forces (or only the Spetsnaz?) and the Livonian armed forces (Polish-Lithuanian). The Livonian, as i read, is a landlocked country that does not have any ports to store battleships or any ships at all, but there is one thing you can do to make First Contact a little more interesting: Include the Estonian military. The reason i think the Estonian would make sense to include is because they are a Baltic country that would most definitely support Livonia with their no navy situation.

This is just a suggestion, and i hope it will be appreciated. Livonia was actually a mix of Estonia and Lithuania, Livonia had also access to the sea during it's historic times.

My idea for the Estonian military.

Navy: EML Ugandi, a sandown-class minehunter equipped with 1 twin ZU-23mm AA cannon and 3 Browning 12.7mm machine guns.

The air force of present day Estonia is completely defenseless, so NATO would need to help on that part.

The armored section would be small, but "maybe" capable against what ever the visitors have up their sleeves.

The armored vehicles would be these:
Tank: Swedish Combat Vehicle 90 (CV9035EE) equipped with a 35mm Bushmaster III cannon and a 7.62 mm Ksp m/39 machine gun.
APC: XA-180 (EST), a six-wheeled armoured personnel carrier equipped with a 12.7mm Browning machine gun and 10000 rounds.

You are probably not allowed to copy these vehicles because of laws, but having an Estonian based faction with Livonia would be a nice addition, they would even have at least one navy boat to protect the coast.

I really hope this catches your attention, have a nice day!


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To be honest, this DLC leaves quite some big gaps inmost arsenals.
For example, the Spetsnaz are missing a Marksman rifle (of any sort, specially since 7.62x39mm is very bad past some 600-800 meters, it would need to be in some other caliber like 7.62x54mm...), and IMO it would also be welcome for them to receive something similar to a PKP Pecheneg MMG (BC who doesn't love some DAKKA?)

Also NATO is missing both a "Support Weapon" (of any sort: be it a "Light Support Weapon", like an "MX SW", or be it a heavier one like a "SPMG"), and is also missing a "Carbine" (Spetsnaz got themselves an AKSU-12 carbine).

Also a problem that I saw in your suggestion for the boat is the fact that there is no real "coast" in the map, with only some rivers available for boats (and IIRC they are even filled with VERY LOW bridges that kind of make boats useless...). But I would surely like more "naval variety" when playing in maps that have large bodies of water.

I personally would not really mind TOO MUCH if they added the "Local Faction" (Inspired after the Estonian Armed Forces) AND filled those gaps in the arsenals as a SEPARATE DLC (in a similar fashion to how the "Marksman" DLC was done, for example).
But sure, if they were added in this very DLC I would not mind at all, that is "more bang for my buck!"

Oh, I am not sure if this is the propper section, but I decided to sniff a little in the CFG files of the new "Promet MR" and on top of the "gas regulator" detail (which I REALLY liked!), I noticed something at least curious:

It's "initSpeed" is 880m/s, which is the same as the "MX SW" (the "MG version" of the MX rifles). However, the "MXM" (the "DMR MX Rifle") has a muzzle velocity of 920m/s. Since this weapon's barrel is REALLY LONG, I suppose this to be a mistake (I might be very well wrong). But in case of it being a mistake, is there any chance of this being corrected?

Also may we expect a "Support Weapon" variant of the Promet rifles? Maybe the "DMR" version could lose its muzzle brake (and on its place get the normal "Promet Muzzle", and maybe also give it an "Angled Foregrip" like the one the "Normal MX" has). And could we maybe get a "Support Weapon" version with:

The current "Promet MR's" muzzle brake;
A foregrip while retaining the ability to use a bipod (Either just move the "Normal Promet's" foregrip closer to the trigger, or increase the rail);
100 rounds magazines (at least make MX magazines compatible with the Promet so we can use the 100 rounds magazines);
A barrel with a lenght between that of the "DMR" and that the "Normal Promet" (similar to how the "MX SW" barrel lenght is between that of the "MXM" and "Normal MX");
And a Muzzle velocity of 880m/s (Current "Promet MR" muzzle velocity and also current "MX SW" muzzle velocity)

Also, could the sawed off version of the 12 gauge double barreled shotgun be in the pistols slot? Because currently in ArmA 3 carrying a pistol is kind of actually detrimental, as it is both additional weight, you will likely have to carry at least less of "something" (such as a grenade, first aid kit, or ammo for for the primary which is better than a pistol in every way...) in order to make room for pistol magazines.

So the 12 gauge sawed off could be at least interesting as a secondary, specially when complementing stuff like sniper rifles, since it offers a close range very powerful gun that instead of needing like 6 to 11 shots to kill someone that has armor, it will only kill in a single shot. Of course this is balanced since beyond about 50 meters this gun becomes (at best) extremely unpractical to use, and a player only is able to fire it twice before needing to reload. (Unless someone makes a mod that allows the 12 barreled shotguns to take the six round shotgun magazines...)

Also, both double barreled shotguns would benefit from being able to fire BOTH barrels/shells with a single trigger pull (or mouse click). This could be done by giving them a secondary fire mode with its RoF basically set to infinite. Also the first shot recoil would likely need to be lowered, and the second shot recoil increased. Since this would simulate the second barrel firing so fast that the shooter barely even experiences recoil before shooting the second shell. But after firing the second shell, he would be kicked with double the usuaç force of a single shot

what i would like to see is ex-soviet equipment, like BMP-1/2 (one or both) T-72, MI-17 and MI-24 Gunship, SVD Dragunov and PKP machinegun for Spetznaz, as well as 5.45 AK-12 (or better AK-15) versions and variants.
and most importantly:

Tracksuit, Ushanka and a Lada.
i know its called work and its not easy to do, but sometimes really, ur DLC´s are quite lacking content for that price. this would be only Laws of War DLC-price worthy

so maybe u could think of adding some of these and get a new release date, or add it afterwards as **FREE CONTENT UPDATE**
so dear BIStudio-Workers, if u read this, i would love to get a reaction from you, and what you think of it. beacause at last addition: we are talking about a ex soviet state, old equipment of them is still being modernized and usable around the world until 2050 (like poland and Russia themselfes said.) and........Its Slavic. sop get the Kvass and start the Lada, its time for Hardbass!