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Helicopter ( game Crash )
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When ever A heli try's to lift off or land my game crashes even when they are just flying about, it crashes I've reproduced this and its a constant thing with or without mods single or multiplayer always crashes


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Windows 10
Game Crash
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I literally went into a Zeus game and got my friend to jump into a heli for me and it crashed when the heli was on for 2 seconds

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I would like to ask a question when ever a helicopter lifts or files close or lands my game crashes no matter the circumstance it comes up with status access violation it looks to be very rare but ive seen acouple of other people have this problem and noone knows how to fix it is there anything I can do ? I have unstalled the game twice Ive played it mulitplayer, singleplayer, with mods, without mods, and nothing has helped, reinstalled the 2013 C++ thing aswell drivers are up to date and direct X seems to me good. more info

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thx for the report. Our programmers will look on your crashfiles.