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1) Durable knife, 2) sight strike, 3) objects without collision.
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  1. Crashproof knife: with repeated wounds against the wall, the knife remains of the same quality as it was.
  2. Blowing at eyes: when ALT is clamped and the head is turned, if a character hits something at that time (in my case it’s a knife), the blow comes at a glance and not at the place where the blow should pass.
  3. Many objects (like a bed, bedside table, table, etc.) do not have a collision to strike a knife. At a knife at blow about these objects simply there are no effects of blow and a sound. One of these items is listed in the video. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Video to all the bugs.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, build 17763)
Steps To Reproduce

Durable knife:

  1. Take the knife in hand.
  2. Beat a knife into the wall.

Sight strike:

  1. Take a knife or other object that you can beat in your hands.
  2. Go to the wall.
  3. Press LMB frequently.
  4. Clamp the ALT and look away to another corner / part of the wall.

Table without collision:

  1. Pick up a knife or other object that you can fight.
  2. Go to the object, for example to the one that is listed in the video.
  3. Click LMB.
Additional Information
  1. In this bug report, I immediately brought 3 bugs, because they all captured in one video.
  2. Translation from Russian was made with the help of Google Translator.

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