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Dayz PS4:FEEDBACK:Quick Slot Wheel and Inventory Traversing.
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In a game where one needs to be quick to survive, I, and many others would appreciate the option to invert the quick slot wheel so that when we rotate to the upper left, the selector goes to the upper left now the lower right. As it is now, its slow, dangerous and innaccurate and I know ALOT of people would like to see this fixed.


Alot of people are having issues with trying to do something in one section of their inventory then having to re-cycle back to that tab after doing a single action. An Example is picking up a container that has items in it, you can move to select the container, highlight an item and press square to move it to your inventory BUT if the container has multipul items in it you have to cycle around your inventory to the bag again to move another item from it, rince and repeat.


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Agree, you have to spam 3 keys in a loop for a while until you take all the things from the container to the new container for example.

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yep. Items in containers in your hands remain highlighted despite focus being moved back to top left of your character inventory. So you think you're dropping an item in the container but it's really the gun you have slung over your left shoulder!

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