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Microphone not working in game
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Microphone does not work in game when PTT button is pressed or toggled.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version: 1803 / OS Build: 17134.766
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Press or toggle PTT button (using default TAB key)
  2. Say anything
  3. Nobody hears you
Additional Information

My PC has all up to date drivers and operating system patches.
My communications device is a Turtle Beach Z60 Headset. It is the only comms device on my PC and therefore is the default comms device. There are no device specific drivers or software for the device, it uses the generic windows driver.
My microphone works with absolutely everything, all apps and games, except DAYZ.
VOIP was working in DAYZ around 3 months ago, but since then has just stopped working. There are no error messages in the game or steam log files.

I can get the microphone working briefly doing the following

  1. Go to windows device manager
  2. Uninstall Turtle Beach communications device
  3. Reboot the PC
  4. Load the game

At this point my microphone works the next time I start the game, when I press or toggle the PTT button.

But as soon as I leave DAYZ and restart the game, my microphone is no longer working. Repeating the uninstall device steps gets my microphone working in DAYZ again the next time I run the game, but then it stops working after I leave the game.

I have tried everything to get it working again, and am now very frustrated with the experience. It is unacceptable to have to uninstall my comms device and restart my PC every time I want to run DAYZ.

This is completely ruining the game experience for me. I cannot communicate with other players effectively as not everyone reads chat, and hand signals mean nothing, so I have to resort to just fighting everyone I come across because that's what ends up happening when I don't answer their attempts at communicating with me.

I really wish DAYZ had a settings section to select the comms device instead of relying on the default communication device, which it does not seem to be able to reliably do.

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Pep created this task.May 29 2019, 7:28 PM
Pep added a comment.Jun 12 2019, 7:28 PM

Any news on this?
Any ideas how I can find more info on the problem?
Any chance of actually getting any support from you company for a bug that is ruining the whole game experience for me?
Any chance you actually care about your paying customers that you will actually respond to me at all?

I wanna know the same thing. It’s a huge part of the game and i can’t toggle it on nothing changed accounts and still wouldn’t work

Pep added a comment.EditedJul 15 2019, 6:06 PM

Come on give me some help please.
I have now reinstalled both Steam and DayZ, but it's still not working.
I have tried this with two different headsets, a camcorder and a jack mic, which all work in everything but still no VOIP in DayZ.

Looks like you really don't care about helping your customers after you take their cash tbh

terrible i have same problem, dunno what to do beacause this problem destroy all gameplay

maske added a subscriber: maske.Nov 22 2019, 4:59 PM
maske added a comment.Nov 22 2019, 5:01 PM

Same problem, I have checked the Windows settings, and all the applications have used the microphone without any problem except DayZ, which for months has stopped.
I have been trying different microphones (all work perfectly) and the problem has persisted. Beyond a computer problem, it seems to be a DayZ problem recognizing the microphone.

Pep added a comment.Dec 19 2019, 5:14 AM

Hey guys, I found a solution to the problem, which may help you out.
No thanks to BI or Microsoft. Someone suggested I try using Voicemeeter banana mixer, and it solved the problem.

It's free software, and can be a tad tricky to setup, but follow the instructions and you should be fine. Here's the link for it, hope it works for you all
Voicemeeter Bannana Advanced Mixer

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.Dec 19 2019, 10:04 AM

@Pep Hi. Any PC has an integrated audio processing device. There are two options to get the OS to use the right device for you.

  1. Disable onboard sound device in the BIOS settings on the PC, the OS will not be able to use it - your headset will be the only sound processing device for the operating system. But you can not use the built-in audio device until you turn it on in the BIOS.
  2. If you do not disable the built-in audio device in the BIOS of the PC. When the game is running in the system tray - right-click on the audio icon "to open the audio settings." Scroll down to the "additional sound settings" open "device settings and applications volume". Find the app in the list of DayZ, DayZ on the application, select the device for audio input and output. Now the application will always use the selected audio device.

Check that the headset is connected to the PC, and has a sturdy connection. If your headset periodically loses connection to the PC, it may affect the discharge of the operating system settings to use this device for the sound of running applications.

Pep added a comment.Dec 20 2019, 1:28 PM


You're missing the point with your answer.
Your point (1). The microphone was working fine without any need to mess about with the BIOS, then it suddenly stopped working ONLY with Day Z.
But it's no matter now as the Voicemeeter Banana Advanced Mixer I linked in my previous answer has solved the problem, without the need to mess about with the BIOS for one game that has suddenly stopped working.

As for your point (2) I'm aware of that, and it was never an issue. But for some reason this never seems to stick with windows 10, requiring this to be done every time the game is started, however that is a separate issue which I am not that bothered with.

Lex added a comment.EditedDec 20 2019, 1:41 PM

@Pep The first option is needed for diagnosis. This will determine what causes the problem.
I have four sound output device to a PC. Between them there is no conflict, and the game is always output to a device that I've defined for the game in the second variant of the answer to you.
I'm not a team game developers. Just trying to help you identify the problem.
It must be considered a priority feature of the operating system to use the audio device "by default - the basic" nature of work and the secondary devices to the PC.
I OC settings in the main device is a USB headset, which is used in the game. In such an embodiment, the OS never overrides an audio output device for playing, switching does not happen to another device.
The ticket, you say that you have only one device for sound output.
This is not true, and creates confusion.

My communications device is a Turtle Beach Z60 Headset. It is the only comms device on my PC and therefore is the default comms device.

If the speakers are not connected to the PC to the device's primary sound, it does not mean that your Turtle Beach Z60 Headset - primary.
They will be the primary, if the operating system settings, they will be chosen as the primary "default". This setting will be stably maintained in the operating system, if the headphones have a secure connection, and do not lose the connection to the PC, for any reason. The reason could be a bad USB port, or the loss of a USB hub.

@Pep Dude my problem also not solved, but 2 month ago when i again install dayz my mic work but now i install again dayz try to play in 1.07 and my mic not work. I try a los setting windows, drivers etc. mic not work only in dayz.
I try voicemetter and it also not help me but not banana voicemeter, how u setup it can u give screens or smth because i setup with video in youtube and it is work again for evrething but not for Dayz .....
Thx if u can help me