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Lightly armed IFV:s / APC:s needed
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All current APC:s and IFV:s are armed with Autocannons, 40 mm launchers or ATGM:s.
This makes them really hard to balance as the RCWS autocannon/40 mm/ATGM usually works as a
battlefield mop against infantry (this can be overcome with removing ammo or removing weapons, but
then the model does not reflect real firepower).

A less heavily armed APC / IFV has been sorely needed for all factions since the beginning. There are no
real “battle busses” in Arma 3 currently that has low enough firepower to be easily balanced against other
vehicles or only infantry, but that still has enough armour to protect against mortar shells and small arms
fire. Trucks are not assault vehicles.

Especially the OPFOR IFV and INDFOR APC ATGM -turrets make them really hard to implement in
a mission. They can take out almost anything on the battlefield (truck, APC:s, tanks).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce

Put three full squads in 6 IFV:s. Assault a town. See how infantry has nothing to do as IFV:s mop the battlefield.

Additional Information

Suggested to be fixed in the Contact DLC as you are cleary doing some 3d and texture work. Would also fit in nicely with new Livonia Defence Forces.

  1. The “easy” way: Make a separate model with removed turrets of the APC:s/IFV:s. This would also work as a unarmed “we come in peace” version

for the contact dlc.

  1. Utilize turrets from Tanks and “mount” them on the APC:s / IFV:s?

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