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Arma Repeadtedly Crashes
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Repeatedly crashes in single player and multiplayer no difference is made when running mods or DLC.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Launch Arma
Load into Editor/Singleplayer/Multiplayer.

Additional Information

This has happened repeatedly for well over a month now, I have had way more than 9 crashes but these are all the crash reports i can find.

My PC is about 6 months old now and i have no other issues in any other games apart from Arma 3.

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Further testing is suggesting that it may be vehicle related, been trying to drive the new GM vehicles in the editor/virtual arsenal, whenever an engine starts i crash, will do some further testing with the base game vehicles

further testing shows that whenever an engine starts in the new GM vehicles or any other modded vehicle its an instant crash

Does this also happen without GM enabled?

Yes, ive tested a few more vehicles and get crashes when turning on the Huron (all variants), my rpt files show the error as being at a different fault address but still under "Unknown Module"

These crashes appear to happen whenever a particular sound is triggered like an engine turning on some but not all base game vehicles and on all GM and modded vehicles. ive tested this over and over and over and cant seem to work out what exactly the file location of the crash is, all it comes up with is "Unknown Module".

z80cpu added a subscriber: z80cpu.May 8 2019, 10:18 PM

I also have been having crashes too. For ME, it started with the v1.92 update. As I run 150+ mods, it is quite time consuming to verify each mod on its own.

What I have found is interesting is, when I load 'A' and it crashes the game (boots on the ground), I re-start ARMA and then it works, no crashing, using 'A' again!

Same missions, same mods - Never had this issue EVER with ANY version of ARMA - Just ARMA v1.92.

Also, for ME, this does NOT happen 'on demand' sadly. I know, you can not fix what you can not see... ;)

This is on Win7-64b Ultimate/16gb RAM



I have a tab bit more info when it locks up, 2 methods/times:

#1 - 90% of the time, if I load ARMA (with mods) and go to the editor, pull in a SIMPLE mission, exit out (do NOTHING, no changes, etc.), load up ANY 'compiled' mission, it will load this mission, gets about 10 seconds into it, then ARMA just 'locks up'. If I terminate ARMA and 'repeat' WITHOUT loading the editor, it works just fine

#2 - 90% of the time, if I go in and start ARMA (with mods) and load a saved ARMA campaign save (your campaign), once it 'starts', it LOCKS UP. Exit out and REPEAT with 100% of what was used before? IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

I do (as a programmer myself, 45+ years), know, it IS possible that I have a 'bad mod' causing this. BUT, the issue I have with that theory, is that I am using the same version of the mods and also, I NEVER had this issue BEFORE v1.92.

I have NEVER had this issue EVER with ARMA! I am about 99% sure, there IS an issue with ARMA.

The mods I am using are VERY common and should NOT be causing ARMA to lock up, such as: CUP, RHS, or JSRS sound mod(s). And many others too! ;)

I wish I could provide more 'details', sadly, I am not outside of using just default ARMA and trying.

Problem with that is, for example, if this is a memory 'usage' problem, default ARMA will never 'see this' as the memory is not being 'pushed'. I have tried other memory managers listed in the launcher - made no difference. This is but just an example about using default ARMA may not 'work' to detect such 'issues'. :)

I have seen such issues like this even in my own code in years past. Main program works 100% PERFECT, till I tie in some other program, then the main 'blows up'. Only to find out that the main program was 'bad'. It just never 'showed this' till the 2nd program came along.