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We crashed our car right before a server restart and everything despawned as soon as we loaded back in
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We crashed our car due to the driver's game crashing to dashboard. This happened 5 minutes before a server reset. We were trying to strip the car to put the working parts on a new vehicle when we heard gunshots. We waited in a nearby house until the server reset and upon loading back in the car had vanished with the 3 remaining good tires, an extra radiator, battery, and everything in the trunk. Is this how you want players to continue? They spend hours gathering parts just to have them taken away by glitches and server resets? This isn't even hardcore it is annoying. We spend soo much time gathering items that just disappear by no fault of our own. If we had dropped the tires on the ground they would still be there with the other loot but because we didn't strip them in time we lost hours of searching.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Xbox One S
Steps To Reproduce

Crash to dashboard while driving a car right before a server reset.

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This is ridiculous. You should fix your server/desync issues before adding anything else to this game. We don't need more items or guns, we need working servers and vehicles, we shouldn't need 2-4 ADAs just to feel like we can drive around the map.

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purpleurkltv triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Another "immediate" issue that warrants no reply within 48 hours? What are your plans to placate the masses who actually provide feedback on your unfinished product? This game does not deserve "full release" pricing when it still says "game preview" to anyone who looks on my profile. The cars don't work, half the M4s and AKs are duplicated, players ghost in and kill you by hopping servers constantly, and people can "meatball" to make themselves almost invisible. Fix your game before you start charging AAA pricing for it, I've paid less for more compete titles in the past and recent memory. Final Fantasy IX remastered cost less than $20 and it is way more worth the money than this dumpster fire of a game. Yes, a solo game from the year 2000 is dominating your team for playability and usability. I had to make an account here just to provide feedback that gets ignored so you can bet im going to use this account to put you on blast. You might want to reply with something before I hit up the YouTube,, mixer, and twitter accounts of your awful dev team.