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Bugged FNX: jammed status desynced between players (working for me, appears jammed for my team mates)
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Picking up a FNX pistol, in worn state and empty of ammunition. Added a pristine magazine filled with pristine ammo, and a pristine suppressor. Gun appears functional for me (firing rounds when fired) but bullets appear to have no effect, not harming or in any way affecting zombies. Other players in my group remark that the gun appears jammed or empty (they can see the slide stuck back). I am unable to interact with the gun in a way that corrects this apparently desynchronised state. Gun is rendered harmless. This is a dangerous bug because the gun appeared fully functional for me, even firing bullets and creating impact effects in the environment, but causing no damage.

The FNX was picked up at Balota military base.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
current updated
Steps To Reproduce

Pick up FNX pistol, load and fire at zombie. For some weapons (e.g. as described above) bullets will appear to fire but not cause damage to other entities. Other players will see you equip an empty or jammed weapon which does not fire.

Additional Information

This was on The Village server, running the stable 1.02 version.

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