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LFM21-63 miniature circuit breakers offer extensive features that provide maximum safety and continuity of service while minimizing service and intervention time:
•Nominal current: 6 to 63 A
•Large choice of breaking capacities and tripping curves (B, C, D)
•Compliant with IEC EN 60898 or IEC 60947-2 depending on the version
•Suitable for isolation: compliant with IEC 60947
•Safe provides a visible green indicator showing which circuits are disconnected and safe for maintenance operations
•Operating voltage: up to 440V(AC)
•Insulation voltage: 500V
•IP20 terminal insulation
•Optional add-on residual current device modules: C120 VigiRemote tripping (shunt, overvoltage or undervoltage release) and status indication (open/closed) by adding optional auxiliaries.
•Longer product service life thanks to:
•Good overvoltage withstand capacity: products are designed to offer a high industrial performance level (degree of pollution, rated impulse withstand voltage and insulation voltage)
•High limitation performances
•Fast closure independent of toggle operating speed.
Protection of electrical circuits in all industrial and commercial buildings
Particularly suited to higher ratings applications.
Technical data
1.Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory founded in 2013 and have more than 20 years of experience in international trade.
2.What’s your main product?
Our main products are MCB,RCD, RCBO and so on.
3:Do you have a catalogue? Can you send me the catalogue to have a check of all your products?
Yes, We have product catalogue. Please contact us on line or send an Email to sending the catalogue.
4.Can I visit your factory?
We have over 3000 square meters of workspace and sincerely welcome your business visit.
5.Any quality guarantee or after-sales service?
All the products have 2-5 years’Guarantee. If any quality complaint , we will give out solution within 5 days.AC Breaker Pricelist


Operating System
Windows 7

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