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newest EXP 29.3 - summarized Feedback:
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    1. Nightlight is better, still the intensity needs to be lowered by around 25 - 30%, INSIDE a house or smth it should be lowered even more. at least 50%. For now it is NOT possible to hide from someone inside a dark room at all. It also is too bright if you just look at a house for nearby. Maybe the radius also should be lowered again by another 20%
    2. a lot of server crashes
    3. people around you often are stuck for half a second (a lot of minilags)
    4. mouseover your jacket (and similar) doesnt show the status of it anymore in the "container" area. You only see if its damaged if you hover over it on the very top of your inventory.
    5. zombies can still hit you if they start the animation, even you are 3 meters away.
    6. if you are double carrying guns, and swith around a bit with hotbar, other people often see your gun bugged, in the meaning of you are carrying it somehow behind and in a strange angle.
    7. Still experiencing client freezes when you are getting close (1km) to a base or another player
    8. i hit a guy 3 times center mass with AK47, he had a field vest. he survived and shot me. -> Weapon damage is still too low. Its fine that people often go unconsious and not die immediately, but they should in general drop much! faster.
    9. me and a mate got stuck in the normal old barracks in VMC several times. Like we could not really run anymore, just warped around a bit inside. We had to reconnect to fix it. (happend twice in 2 different barracks), also happend in different buildings like restaurant near firestation electro, appartement buildings electro.
    10. from awkwardTickler: I changed shirts by dragging and dropping over my existing shirt. When I did, I lost all the items inside.
    11. rifles with hunting scope mounted show a wrong ranging when not zoomed in the scope.
    12. you can use a ducttape unlimited if you restrain yourself and then wiggle free.
    13. the Inventory interface looks.. sorry terrible. The full icons are too big. We are on PC, not on XBOX, please dont let us scroll all the time. All the icons should be way smaller, so most equipment can easily fit on one screen. It was acutally pretty good in older versions... Hardly ever needed to scroll there. (maybe let it detect if console or PC and load a differnt layout) -> Before and after: Before you had a way better overview of what you actually have, almost no need to scroll, just the numbers for the quantity were a bit too big. On the new Picture you dont even see my backpack yet.
    14. Public Announcement system is bugged, you cannot really turn it on / off even with battery attached
  1. canned tuna is still bugged, you often cant open it
  2. at the restaurant building next to firestation in electro, you are getting stuck at every door you are running trough
  3. often you get glitched / stuck when you fast run trough a door and close it while running trough. even you are outside, you are still somehow stuck on the otherside and cannot really run anymore. Eventually you will get teleported back to the otherside of the door. Just got killed by a zombie because of this.
  4. you can still jump on obstacles or friends inside houses and see trough the ceiling outside, trough all the walls. It is in fact a very effective wallhack. Please fix this asap.
  5. Duping is still possbile at server crashes or i think even restarts
  6. jumping should not be possible (or maybe just once all .. 20sec) when you are badly injured. I see a lot of ppl who got hit, then jumping away because its faster than limping. this looks stupid.
  7. inertness and weight of players must be increased, people are zic-zagging and sprinting too fast into open fields to avoid getting fired upon. Its way unrealistic.
  8. could we pls drop items 30cm in front of us (like in 0.62) instead of directly at our center of body? its always very annoying, when you drop smth for a buddy, you have to do a step back so he can see it.


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@Geez Can we go back to this inventory style? Looks much better than the current implementation

The Opaque gray blocks looked much more clean and pleasant to view the items with your, inventory.
The font headers (that were small-medium sized) looked fitting and easy to view. There isn't much clutter, and you can find whatever you are looking for.

This early .63 Inventory was also perfect, and I found it much more pleasant and easier to view then the current one.

I would also like to add, that I much prefer all the HUD status icons and action icons being away from the center of the screen and more towards the bottom. Made the focus on gameplay much more apparent and is much less distracting and more immersive.

and yeah I think the big icons are fine, but these were much better + what mofo said, the jumping ability must be disabled while injured please (50% health and below) along with the nightlight reduction.

Please send this feedback to the designers, thank you :)

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