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Unnatural glow from some textures at night - 1.02 Experimental
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This is to provide feedback to the below addition on the latest experimental build:

- Added: Client side personal night light (environment is subtly illuminated from camera at night to save players from becoming completely blind without a light source)

This system does not work well. To be perfectly honest it looks terrible. Some textures are actually glowing in the dark, making the environment close to the player look unnatural. This is especially obvious around objects with bright textures, such as some types of trees where the bark stands out like a beacon in the night and some building interiors that look as if the player has a strong UV-torch on his head. Trees with a lighter shade of green on the leaves also glow in the dark.

My personal opinion is that this system should be scrapped entirely. It comes across as an attempt to try and appease the people complaining that nights are too dark, without dealing with the actual problem - which is that the natural lighting (moon & stars) provide no illumination at night. Creating an artificial light source around the player - even if it is only client side - is detrimental to the look and feel of the game environment. It is just not realistic.

Please consider removing this feature and focus on making the moon provide actual light that softly illuminates the ground and casts shadows. That won't help on overcast nights, but that is okay. Without light sources and light pollution nights ARE dark when there is no moon!

Moonlight has worked well in the game in the past, all the way up to beta in fact. It seems to me that the "snuffing" of the moon coincided with implementation of the anti-gamma system. Is there something with the system that prevents lighting from the moon working properly?

Best regards, other than this this experimental patch looks really good.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Move around in the environment at night, watch different textures from different angles and distances. If you need more specific info on what assets are glowing too much I can upload videos tonight.

Additional Information

My rig:
i7-4790 3.60 GHz
Geforce GTX 1070
2560x1440 resolution and everything on extreme

Even my fingernails glow in the dark! See screenshot. Second screenshot shows glowing wallpaper, by contrast my shotgun is completely dark. This looks bad!

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Beavis created this task.Mar 26 2019, 10:03 AM

Played more experimental yesterday, and please please PLEASE reconsider this "personal night light" feature! It looks awful and completely ruins the spooky, immersive nights we had. The glow-in-the-dark trees look downright ridiculous. Posting one screenshot from last night showing the glowy trees. Below that a number of screenshots from 0.63 where you can clearly see how the moonlight is illuminating surfaces and casting shadows. That is what you need to bring back, not artificial, magical "personal" night lights. Why was it taken out in beta?

I absolutely agree with Beavis! This new client side personal UV-headlamp is awful! It completely destroys immersion in my opinion! There is absolutely no need for lights indoor anymore, hardly outside either. I ran around the whole night without any source of light, and I wasn't scared even once! To me, this is a game-breaking "bug", I will not continue playing DayZ if this "feature" persists.

When you walk in a real forest when it's dark, the trees appear as dark silhouettes, they don't glow in the dark!

Here's a short video showing how silly the glowing trees look, along with foggy breath. Presumably the breath is not that illuminated for players out of range for the "night light", but how can I trust that as a player? I see it glowing and it makes me nervous!

Beavis added a comment.EditedApr 10 2019, 10:38 AM

Well, it went live and it is still terrible. On the forum I got this response from ImpulZ:

//"Because of the massive gamma abuse. For this reason any general increase in lighting is sadly not possible. Short range lighting is a compromise to make gamma abuse redundant, while still offering players trapped in the dark (for whatever reason) a gameplay environment in which they can make reasonable decisions without having to stumble through complete blackness. Light sources still increase lighting way more efficient.

It is specifically to help players find a light source and offer sufficient motivation to continue on and find a light source.

We are looking into further balancing of the light."//

While I answered on the forum I'm posting my response here too so it is present in the "official" channel.

It is absolutely horrifying to read that the gamma cheating some players were doing has led to proper night lighting in the game being completely off the table. I dearly hope this is only short term thinking, that you will still try to make night lighting look more natural even with the anti-gamma measures in place.

I know it is not your fault, but with this you have literally let cheaters destroy part of the game, because ultra dark nights even with a full moon on a clear sky looks very bad. It looked so much better in the earlier 0.63 builds up to beta, with moonlight casting shadows and illuminating objects. That we can't have it that way because of gamma-abusers makes me want to break stuff.

This brings me to two suggestions:

  1. Please make it possible to turn the night light on/off in the video settings, and for server owners to block it with a simple 1 or 0 in the config, it should not require the use of mods.
  2. Make it possible for server owners or modders to turn on/off the anti-gamma measure and work with night lighting. I would prefer locking myself into a white-listed server with the game looking good, than keep playing like this.

"It is specifically to help players find a light source and offer sufficient motivation to continue on and find a light source."

Please, I understand this, but by implementing it the way you did you guys have removed nearly all incentive to find and/or use light sources... Nobody needs a light source, it is simply not worth the risk involved when you see well enough to move around without. The magic lamp is risk free, so people choose to go with that or - still - log off and wait for daylight...

So, make it just strong enough to help the character make out things in his immediate surroundings, no more than 2-3 meters. The magic light must not be allowed to be strong enough to make proper light sources obsolete, work on making those easier to find and use instead. Make the flare last longer and not be snuffed out in the rain, make chemlights common on the coast, make them possible to strap to clothes so you can smack infected with your hatchet. Infected are dangerous enough in the dark now that we need not be forced to punch them to death...