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1.02 Experimental: Terrain occlusion issue
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In the new experimental update I'm getting some strange occlusion issues with the terrain. Hills and mountains near the edge of my field of view have a low polygon count, but fill in with detail when I turn and face them. See the image examples below.

It may be connected to using the "free look", since I've found that it mainly occurs on the periphery of my vision when I turn my head. EDIT: Also happens without "free look".

Version 1.02.150928
DayZ SWE 1-1 (Experimental/Unstable)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

1: Hill with Devil's Castle as seen from the NW. Low polygon count near the edge of my FOV.

2: The hill fills in with trees and detail when I turn slightly right to face it.

3: Same hill with a low polygon count.

4: The issue disappears when I turn to face the hill.

5: Short video of the hill changing shape (1440p).

If it can be of any help, the FOV in my profile settings is: fov=0.95993;

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I also get this look and the effect of the landscape on the horizon. Maybe it will be needed, I have an nVidia video card, the driver of the latest version.

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