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Car rubberbanding on high population servers
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Driving in Ada 4x4 starts to rubberband when server reaches high population numbers (50+ players).
To summarize rubberbanding it feels like the response time on the cars controls are 1-3 seconds therefore the car is very easy to crash.

Let's say I accelerate on first gear and nothing happens but after 1-3 seconds the car goes quickly forward without any control.

This only happens when server has high population on it otherwise driving in the Ada 4x4 feels normal.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a working car with all the parts and fuel, water, motor oil
  2. Wait for server to be in high population state (50+ players)
  3. Try to drive
Additional Information

First experienced in february. Still happens on latest patch.

Server reproduce count:
Official: 4
Community without mods: 4

My cars were always on pristine condition (4 pristine wheels, pristine battery, pristine radiator, pristine spark plug)
with full water level on radiator and full amount of motor oil and with enough fuel to drive.

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I get the same problem when there are a lot of 40-50 players on the server.
When I use a quick run across the landscape, I can slow down and stop repeatedly and ported 5-10 meters ahead.
I think this problem is not related to the car, but has a common lag problem.

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The worst of it is when peoples bases load in at around 1.3km away. Major desync and lag.

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