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Damage Indicators not stable display current damages the tank!
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Very often my tank (player is commander) gets damaged from fire (120 mm main tank cannon) of enemy tank (the driver and the gunner report about his injuries), but the tank damage indicators do not show any damages (orange and red colours of tanks parts)

Also, if a subordinate repair-specialist will be in my squad, then in the command menu, in the special orders (button-6) the special command “Repair M2A1 Slammer” appears. All these details prove the fact - the tank actually gets damages, but the visual indicators no show those damages!

Please consider this issue, as seems to me damage indicators should not deceive the player. In this case, the Player may not see the true status of the tank.


Operating System
Windows 7
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

place in the map allied (BLUFOR) and enemy (CSAT) tank platoons.
and spend a 5-10 minutes of tank battle (only tanks vs tanks)
The main task- is to receive enemy hits that will not kill your tank!
Some enemy hits will damage your tank, but this damages will not be shown in the upper left screen corner (damage indicators)

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