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i_just_found_a_base_by following client freezes
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Whenever a player with some gear enters your network bubble, the game freezes for a tiny bit. Looks like the devs cannot fix this since a few months.

Funny thing is: I had several hard freezes within a few meters of running, my game almost got stuck and i almost got killed by zombies. So i guessed, its either a big group of players OR a lot of containers/barrels,...

I got interested. Well, i tried to run back, reconnected and tried another approach until it froze again.

So long story short:

I found a nice base with Barrels and stuff just by getting the right direction of freezes and getting aware that i should look a bit better.

The good thing, as base strength levels are still completely broken, i easily broke 1 lower part of the fence with my sledgehammer in 1 minute and got all the sweet loot.
Later i thought i take the base over, so i just bruteforced the 3digit codelock within 15min.

Problem was that only a few minutes later 1 guy jumped on his friend and then over the fence inside my new base and killed me :(

So it looks like the freezes dont just tell you when to expect some player encounter, but also that you are not too far away from bases.

I am not alone with that:


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Windows 10 x64

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Hello mofokrazi and thank you for the report.
We are currently looking into issues related to the drops in the areas around bases internally.

Thx geez.
Don’t forget the same drops happen near players as well.
I think the more they have in their inventory, the bigger that freeze.

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Just wanted to add to this. When driving in and out of base we frequently noticed lag spikes at 1000m distance from the base. Also happened when driving to my friends base.