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setConvoySeparation command is not persistent
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At some point, AI ignores this and distance between vehicles is being neglected by AI drivers (See below).


Operating System
Windows 10
AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a convoy of different vehicles (Hunter, HEMTT, Slammer)
  2. set behavior to safe
  3. setConvoySeparation to 100 for example
  4. Place multiple waypoints, or a single waypoint very far

Convoy will move and at some point slower vehicles will fall behind. Front vehicles will slow down to wait for them. Slower vehicles will gain speed to catch up. The setConvoySeparation will be ignored and distance will be shortened and will provoke a collision.

Additional Information

AI also does not maintain LimitSpeed on slopes. When going down slope AI tend to increase speed up to +15kph to the speed limit.
When vehicles that ignore setConvoySeparation collide, the rear vehicle will freeze in place and will be unable to move.

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Confirmed. Needs some "refresh" to make it work.