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Increased ram usage since 1.01 update in offline missions
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Since the 1.01 update if a user starts an offline mission, even with a minimal setup the base ram usage is very high.

I don't have any baseline from prior updates since the ram usage never was an issue, but for some people who only have got 8 GB of ram, this now often causes the game to crash.

The contents of the offline mission do not seem to matter. Even with the central economy/hive disabled, without weather etc, the ram usage is around 3,6 GB when just starting the game.

Please if possible compare the ram usage of the 1.0 update and 1.01 update using the provided minimal mission setup below.

Here are some ram usage recordings to compare it:

  • Offline minimal missions: 3,6GB
  • Offline mission with the hive and central economy active: 4,5GB
  • Official offline mission: 4,4GB
  • Main Menu: 2,4GB
  • Online on non modded server: 2,9GB


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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