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Sometimes when blocking attacks you can get stuck on the animation
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I'm reporting this because someone (not calling them out) decided that instead of using the feedback tracker like it should be used they simply put a click bait title and didn't help the devs to remove the bug (thanks btw... useless) anyways, this bug has actually been around ever since .63 first came out what happens is sometimes (or all the time I don't use hand to hand much) when your blocking if you continue blocking and switch to a firearm (mostly with rifles/anything on your back) it will make your char get stuck in this loop like bug where they are still in the blocking stance, but they cannot ADS/do anything. you can't put away the weapon and try again, you can't switch weapons you can only move and hope your opponent (zombie or not) doesn't kill you before you fix it, i'll mention how I usually fix it in the additional info


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
whatever newest version there is
Steps To Reproduce
  1. start the fighting stance and begin blocking
  1. while still doing the block animation, attempt to equip your main weapon of any kind (besides pistols)
  1. Have Fun getting stuck in the loop unless your lucky (try repeatedly until it happens

My Thought's as to why it happens

I think it's because the game gets confused about if your still blocking or not so instead it does a workaround, you block and hold your weapon

Additional Information

HOW TO FIX (might not work all the time)
from what i've seen... the only real way to fix it (unless you KYS by zombie or player) is by

  1. repeatedly pressing G hoping you drop your gun (or drop it from inventory)
  2. jumping or crouching while pressing G (I think the game needs to start another animation so it can right itself idk)
  3. repeat until it works

This bug is a bad killer and can easily cause players to decide to stop playing, considering the game is apparently more focused on close combat now i think you should try and clean this one up ASAP

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Hello VunderFiz and thank you for the report.
Is this the issue you are describing? ?If so, it is an issue we are aware of and it is already scheduled for a fix.

Yes that is what happens

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Reviewed.Feb 25 2019, 4:56 PM

Thank you VunderFiz.
In that case, we are aware of this issue and it is already scheduled for a fix.