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Helicopters not following waypoints after GrpNull, unloading troops randomly
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In the Eden editor I have helicopter group on the ground transporting 2 groups of soldiers. I want them fly in formation to a predetermined point then separate and unload troops on 2 different places. Then take off and join the same group again. After grpNull command and copywaypoints command to the second helicopter from hidden helicopter they randomly unload troops and do not continue their mission. This happens regarding of the waypoints synchornization. Any synchronization brings different result but none of them correct. Sometimes they are not keeping synchornization at all. If I unbinarize the file, the lead helicopter unloads troops even before taking off. If this does not include unloading troops, they fly to predetermined points.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create helicopter group.
  2. Load 2 groups of soldiers in them.
  3. Set up waypoints to the predetermined place, then issue command to the second helicopter to leave the group via grpNull.
  4. Create hidden helicopter and give it waypoints to different location.
  5. Copy waypoints to the second helicopter. Synchornize the waypoints (1st new waypoint of hidden helicopter to the waypoint of the group where are the commands grpNull and copyWaypoints).

(up to here it works)

  1. Create 2 hidden helipads in places where you want the helicopters to unload the troops.
  2. Set waypoints for TRANSPORT UNLOAD for each helicopter in the vicinity of the helipads.
  3. Set waypoints for GET OUT for each group of troops. Synchronize GET OUT with TRANSPORT UNLOAD.
  4. Give waypoints to helicopters to JOIN and JOIN AND LEAD and synchornize them.
  5. Set waypoints for the original group.
Additional Information

{F771576}This problem started back in 2014, until then it was working perfectly. Mission file is attached.

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