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Track IR Implementation is using mouse input
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When Trackir is fully supported with 6 DOF, it's supposed to have a seperate input to keyboard/mouse/game controller. Dayz should support mouse/keyboard/game controller and natural points track ir. It currently does not. This is how it is in arma no such thing in dayzs UI, t only has 2 columns, 1 dor m/k and the other for a game controller


YAW - look left/right (look left and right with player / in vehicle)
PITCH - look up/down (look up and down with player / in vehicle)
ROLL - roll left/right (roll left and right with player / in vehicle)
X - lean left/right (lean left and right in vehicle)
Y - height up/down (adjust head head up and down in vehicle)
Z - zoom in/out (variable fov zooming in and out with player/controller)

Some of these axis can be re bound to suit other functions instead like leaning forward and backwards in a cockpit instead of using it as variable fov function.

Newly introduced track ir is not supporting any of these inputs/fuctions. It is using mouse input for yaw and pitch as these are the only available axis in game currently or in the ui at least. This causes jitter and an incorrect way to support trackir rendering it useless. and eye straining.

if you go into controls and then try binding Track IR Roll to in game lean left/right bind (roll) it uses the keyboard input (Q/E) When binding track ir, it should function as a +/- input on the same axis for left/right/min/max with incrmental analogue movement between the animation. Instead it is like this.. Either hard leaning or straight, no movement in between the animation.

There is further implications with track ir and player controller. Track ir is disabled when ADS and using inventory tab. Very jarring when looking left, open inventory and then snap to center. Leave inventory and then snaps back to where I was looking originally. This is confusing and frustrating for the brain to handle due to the nature of how track ir works.

Some actions like flare usage using track ir is odd and not functioning how track ir should. due to the new controller and inertia. Looking around causes character to move the flare whre I look instead of my head following where I look. This is the best scenario I could capture to get an example of what is a hppening with track ir and the jitter caused.

Track ir is for head movement only, some things like flare should be controlled by mouse only (hence why trackir is using the mouse input. and this happening)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
N/A (os version 16299.192)
Steps To Reproduce

1: Insert TRACK IR Camera into free usb 2.0 port
2: Open up Natural Points track ir software
3: Configure profile and keybinds to your liking
4: Launch Dayz
5: Open Server Browser
6: Pick a local server with minimal ping and connect
7: Spawn into Chernarus and try using track ir
8:. Stutter and only 2 DOF available
9: Use ALT it is disabled when using track ir which should not be the case if it is using its own input
10: Light a flare and use Track IR. Should have independant head movement from mouse and moving flare around

Additional Information

Solution. Bring back analogue input keybinds like in this screen shot

It needs to have this for track ir to function properly. Right now it can only bind to mouse pitch/yaw and keyboard lean L/R as that is what is available in the UI control section.

Video to come, currently uploading

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Nuggit created this task.Feb 14 2019, 9:12 AM

Video Footage showing trackir implemntation and all the issues I face and talk about in this report and on the forums experimental thread.

I've been waiting for Track IR and even more a Freetrack support (so I could use Opentrack with only 3DOF) to be working properly like they work in Arma3.

Current implementation looks horrible based on your recording and when considering on BIS track record with supporting TrackIR and open source version in their previous titles it looks really underwhelming.

I truly hope they will continue and even restart the process of implementing proper tracking support for Freetrack and Track IR.

You and me both! I just hope this gains traction, as us track ir users are in the minority and I doubt they see this as an issue or if they have tried this in the office and mightv'e not noticed due to not using IR extensively before. Might just think this is how it is supposed to be? Thing is old 0.60 had it running flawlessley like other BIS titles. Good thing is, track ir is very easy to implement properly and natural point give advice and help on it if needed.

No need to restart the process, just need to add in these options and should be gold like other titles . Track ir should use analogue inputs not key inputs and current method has no seperate analogue actions in the options to bind trackir axis to.

Quick video update in Arma 3 TrackIR functionality.

Compare the 2 videos especially on oceans edge.

Dayz -
Arma 3 -