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EXP - Parking cars in tents and entering will destroy the car and kill you
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Twice this has happened. You'd think you'd be able to park a car inside the *CAR TENT* without shit breaking but no, that would be asking too much.

The stupid hitboxes for both models collide when you park a car in sometimes and it results in it spazzing out and breaking. Parts are pristine but car is fucked, and my body (which hadn't even had a chance to enter the damn thing is just lying on the floor unable to get the gear. I mean come on. How come we can't loot bodies inside of cars at the very least?


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bit
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Park a car inside a tent

Blow up

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Hello TheLocalMilitia.
we have confirmed an issue with the tent having an incorrect collision, which could be causing this issue. I will update this ticket once the issue has been resolved.

Good to hear. Apologies for my short temper, I was very salty at the time.