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weapon dissapearing after using "sleep" animation
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i was playing around with the different "f" bottons with my friends, i had my gun both in my hands and on my back at different times, after some minutes of using the "go to sleep" (F5) animation i ran of.. i noticed my gun was gone.
when i checked the shadowplay recording i could see my gun beeing on my back while leaving the sleep animation, and running of into a field, 10 sec later i see it disappear from my back.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
windows 10 home 64, version 1803
Steps To Reproduce

the way to test this i guess would be to grab a gun and use the different animations, and see if the same thing would happen again.

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keep up the great work :)

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Hello dan1234567 and thank you for the report.
Have you experienced this issue on the stable or experimental version?

this was on the exerimental branch feb 9 -2019
i will test this again later today when i have more time :)

yes, tested and "confirmed" having a gun in your hands and going to sleep with the sleep animation "F5" can cause your gun to disappear.
i have tested it today again (this time with SKS) on the exp branch Feb 13 -2019

Geez added a comment.Feb 13 2019, 12:51 PM

Hello dan1234567.
The F5 key should not trigger the lie down gesture, but surrender instead. Can you try to verify the game data through Steam and remove the user data/log files when prompted, then let us know if you are still experiencing the issue?