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Character swap mid-life... most gear disappeared
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Got killed in a busy server with a couple buddies who watched over my gear while I came back. I went to another server to try and get a nearby spawn. I wasn't having any luck so to save time I went back to the original server and just respawned in game (which usually results in a randomized character.)

This didn't happen and curiously I respawned in my original server as my customized guy. Weird- but I thought nothing of it.

I go to my dead body and my guys had pulled most of the stuff off of it but there was some stuff they couldn't carry. I grabbed that and had almost all of my normal gear back... boots, assault backpack, assault helmet / visor, AK, knife, various items, tactical shirt... no pants (ruined) but 90% of my gear was still there so I put it all on.

We played for awhile and I logged- went on the next day and not only was my character changed to some random one but most of my gear was gone. All I had left was a balaclava, the stock pants and whatever was stored in both. Everything else was gone.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Once killed on one server, switch servers and respawn a couple times- exiting and returning each time. Then return to original server and respawn in game without exiting. Grab gear off original character. Log off go back and regret playing this game.

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eno75 created this task.Feb 10 2019, 3:28 PM