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Crashes in Warlords when reaches ~8GB VRAM. VRAM limit doesn't work.
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1080Ti, 6700k, Windows 10. Arma 3 64-bit. VRAM is constantly leaking in Warlords mode. Noticed that huge leaks are during teleports and when boarding in vehicles, especially tanks.

Tried many settings combinations, 2 versions of nvidia drivers, nothing helps.


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Windows 10 x64
Game Crash

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Thank you for the report. Please remove the parameter noLogs from the launcher so that we can see what was going on before the crash happened. Please trigger the crash again and then reupload the Arma report with the new generated dump files.

Thank you.

Fixed. Now I'm launching steam as Administrator and game doesn't crash anymore.

This is not a fix, here is my crash with gpu out of memory issue. Strange, latest update bring this, latest arma 3 update

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