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Zombie spawning
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Having cleared an area of zombies in less than 2 minutes they start coming back. It starts to get immersion breaking as you know its a cheat to make you feel like there are more zombies in the game. Its also the same when you go into a town. Hardly any zombies at the start, but the longer you stay in more spawn in. I would much rather it pretty much be what you see is what you get. Also there fixed spawn locations are formulaic as well. Also I got a group of zombies follow me at Svet to the coast. I had several respawns at the same location in quick succession at Svet to find the group still there at the first respawn then my last respawn at the same location they had wandered back to there old patrol areas. It would be a lot better if the just started randomly wandering around the map.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Kill all the zombies in a small area and wate a couple of mins and find them coming back. Also move them a good way from spawn location, give it a short time and find them back at there old patrol point.

Additional Information

I suspect all this will not help server performance, but it makes for poor game play. And after a time it starts looking like a cheat on your behalf to make it look like there are more zombies in the area.

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fing24 created this task.Feb 9 2019, 2:04 PM