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[Gameplay] Duct tape fixes almost everything [build: 150192]
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The duct tape fixes almost everything and to worn condition. It does not fixes the can opener though.


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Windows 7 x64
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Fixing weapons to worn? Suggestion: fix from badly damaged to damaged only and only those weapons where there may be something to tape (hand guards)
Fixing clothes to worn? Suggestion: fix only a raincoat and from badly damaged to damaged.
Fixing silencers? Suggestion: not able to fix at all
Fixing backpacks? Suggestion: only dry-bags from badly damaged to damaged.

Overall suggestion: duct tape is currently way unrealistic in use. Duct tape should also allow to fix ruined items into damaged, but then it should not be possible to repair it to a worn condition and that may require major changes.

Also adding "slightly damaged" condition could be interesting and expanding possibilities and realism as some slightly damaged items should be repairable to worn.

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Rebeliant created this task.Feb 4 2019, 7:20 PM

Any Engineer will tell you that duct tape can fix anything! :-D

@Flamberg: Any engineer with any kind of practice will tell you that a duct tape fixes nothing the way it was before and is dedicated to insulate cables but it is the most crude method of doing so. Jokes aside. What is most important is that the current duct tape functionality makes other fixing tools obsolete. Why bother having a gun cleaning kit? Why a leather sewing kit? Both are heavy and take 6 squares. Its better to have 3 tapes instead, or even 4 if you also throw away normal sewing kits :)

I think developers made the game so easy to let newcomers stay longer and get addicted to the game. DayZ 1.0 is far too easy, the easiest version ever, kinda boring as each resp is virtually the same. Kinda like when AK's were spawning in swarms in each guardhouse.

I bet that it is on purpose but can't figure out which part of the game they want to test :)