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Barrels glitch if opened and then players leave the area
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This has happened 3 times so it's definitely not a one off occurrence. - friends have been with me at the time and couldn't move it either.

So if you open a barrel and then leave it opened sometimes it will glitch out and when you return you won't be able to close the lid and/or pick it up.

No items were in the barrels at the time. Most recent was yesterday so it's fresh in my mind.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bit
End Game - Gameplay
Steps To Reproduce

Place Barrel

Move away (few kilometers or so)

Come back and check on the barrel and try and open/close the lid or move it

Additional Information

The Village server

Has happened to me personally 3 times in two weeks.

Server restart fixes the problem temporarily

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Hello TheLocalMilitia and thank you for the report.
Has any player logged out of the game next to the barrel prior to the issue occurring by any chance? As we are currently aware that such issue may occur when logging off next to a barrel and logging back into the game.

I can't remember to be honest. I've logged in at times where a barrel has been opened and I wasn't able to pick it up despite it being my first login of the day.

Just yesterday though I opened a barrel and then my game crashed and when I logged in I couldn't close the lid or move it. Not sure what the cause is.