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Rain animation after a sound of water flowing down the rain pipe misalligned [build: 150192]
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I heard a sound of a water flowing down the pipe and hitting the bottom of it but there was no rain, at least no rain yet. The sound was audible inside the house and in front of it (near the entrance). The sound was played for like 30 seconds, maybe a minute and shortly after it ended the rain started to fall and new sound was played (normal rain, no more water flowing down the pipe).

Screenshot 01 - taken at the moment when the sound was still audible.
Screenshot 02 - taken after the sound ended but when the rain was raining.


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Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce it you probably need to be in front of the house at Karmanovka (Screenshot 01) just before the rain.
Probably all such houses have this sound applied, so maybe not only in Karmanovka.

Additional Information

Screenshot 01 - just before it started raining
Screenshot 02 - now it rains, no more sound of water flowing down the rain pipe

It is very likely that the sound trigger of that sound is configured improperly as it should be played few seconds after the rain starts raining, not before it rains.

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