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[Player animation glitch] No appendages, only torso [build: 150192]
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Other player animation got really buggy today, only torso and what's on it was visible.

Today at ‏‎10:43 I met a friend near Dubrovka, Official server [PL 2-6].

First it started with glitched aiming animation with BK-18 in hands, 360 degree elbow dance and left arm almost completely inside the torso. Glitch ended exactly when my friend replaced his BK-18 for Mosin I found on a floor in some house.

Bug animation lasted 10 minutes (time between first and and last screenshot).


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Operating System
Windows 7
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Unknown, one time only bug. Weapon animation in hands bug is totally common compared to this one :)

Here are some details from a moment when it happened:

My friend with BK-18 in hands, aiming with zooming in all directions with fast and chaotic movements all around. Some military clothes on both of players (BDU, field vests etc.). Shortly after I gave him some handy items. Zombie corps in a doorway plus many more dead outside as I killed some zeds to kill some time as I was waiting for my friend in that shack when it happened.

Additional Information

i5-4690 / 8GB DDR3 / GTX1060 6GB (Gainward Phoenix GS) / 240GB SSD / Win7 SP1
nVidia driver version: 398.82
In-game video settings: FullHDx32+NoVSync; Object/Terrain/Texture/Clouds: High Shadow: Extreme; Filtering: High, Surface Detail: Medium; PostAA: Extreme; HWAA: Low; Foliage: Disabled; Occlusion: Low; PostQuality: High
FPS: 60-120

The beginning (weapon aiming animation glitch, 360 degree elbow):
Screenshot 01
The beginning (left arm inside the torso)
Screenshot 02

A journey with a friend ho had only a torso:
Screenshot 03
Screenshot 04
Screenshot 05
Screenshot 06

The end (Mosin found, BK-18 finally replaced):
Screenshot 07

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