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Lada Whinge
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Exited lada by mistake on a hill whilst driving. Watched it then roll merrily on its way down hill going this way and that until it hit something and was destroyed. Did that twice as you have made getting out the default action and I hit my action button on my mouse by mistake. I'm not the only one that has managed to do that when driving.
Also after putting 3 tyres and a spark plug I merily drove off in first gear being chased by zombies. The lada got hit by a few zombies then it started to accelerate away super fast. jumped off a bridge due to this super acceleration. Got about 30 more seconds of driving then the lada started to bounce around and leave the ground at some points. Changed the wheels around still the same thing. When sitting in the lada I noticed that 1 of the back wheels was bouncing around. I then got another 30 seconds of driving with super acceleration when the lada finaly flew up in the air and killed me.


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Windows 10 x64
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Not sure as I have been hit by zombies in the lada before and I have not had this problem. The only thing that was slightly different was there were 3 zombies within 20 ft when I got in the lada after fitting 1 spark plug and tyre. Then started it up witch would get their attention.

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It would be nice if ladas got some serious attention as to say the least I'm getting very frustrated with their poor performance all round. They are the only transport in the game at the moment and you are making it so that you need them for base building. Loosing three in one day is very upsetting after all the time and effort spent in get them going for no real reward for that effort. The lada has over the years been one of the worst vehicles in the game and I haven't seen any improvement in them. Bring back the V3S that drove superbly well.

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fing24 created this task.Jan 24 2019, 1:24 AM