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RMB click causes weapon fire [build: 150192]
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When you log into the server with M4-A1 in your hands then clicking RMB causes the weapon to fire. Observed it also with other guns (i.e. CR-61 Skorpion).


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

It is not always reproducible but it happens quite often.

Log off from the server with M4 in your hands and when you want to play again and you log in to the server (same or another) press RMB so the weapon will fire.

Weapon state: Worn with pristine attachments, ammo and clip.
Silencer: Pristine and worn and also without a silencer.

Additional Information

I play mostly on NL/DE/PL official servers with a private shard.

Other weapons (like UMP or pistol kept in the vest) does not fire upon RMB click.

Switching weapons does not solve the issue, M4 will fire again.

Impact: Loosing ammo, losing durability level of a weapon/silencer, chance for an accidental kill of a teammate

Workaround 1: Put M4 on the ground and pick it up (is risky as server crash/restart may occur and you can loose your weapon)
Workaround 2: Log off with empty hands (is 100% safe)

P.S.: Hello guys, after a long period I am back. I promised to be back in Jan'17 but it took you much longer to make the game playable enough for me to get back. Good to be back. Expect more reports from me. Hopefully they will come handy in case of the game development. :D

Event Timeline

Today I respawned only once with a weapon in my hands (UMP 45/USG-45) and no bug observed.

It is possible that it happens for weapons kept on your back, not in a vest or a bagpack.