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Some ui menus not displaying text
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Hello. I am having an issue when it comes to base building, and opening my radial menu.

The issue with base building is when I am about to build, the text that displays in the ui that pops up only says "switch to the next part" and "Build". It never tells me which part I am going to build except with the base stage. I can still build, but it's just really frustrating trying to build and not knowing what I am about to build, only to find out it wasn't what I wanted to build and then waste the supplies/damage to the tool.

The other issue I'm having is with the radial menu and there is no text that displays. The actions still work, just no text again.

I have verified the files while selecting the options to delete all the files, numerous times, and I have done a complete fresh install of the game, only to have the same issues arise. Both issues still remain after doing all that numerous times.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Doing what I need to do for base building and pressing the "." key to open the radial menu.

Additional Information

Mods enabled "RPCFramework, Permissions-Framework, Communityonlinetools, DayZ Plus, Weapons Redux, and OSG Server"

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Hello JohnnyBravo2014 and thank you for the report.
Have you always experienced this issue or has it started to occur from a specific update? Or has it started to occur upon a software update on your computer?

I believe it started happening not on this last stable update but the update prior to that.


I am terribly sorry but I have wasted your time. I realized after I replied last that I forgot to give straight vanilla a try before sending in the report as it is not with the game, it was with my own mod. I have found the area that's caused the issue but haven't resolved it yet myself. You can close this report as I'm not sure how to on my end.


Johnny Bravo

Geez added a comment.Jan 21 2019, 11:42 AM

Thank you for the update JohnnyBravo2014.
In that case I am going to set the ticket as Resolved, but feel free to submit another one in case you run into any issues in the future.

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