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BSOD when connecting to the server
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Getting blue screen in 70% cases when i start the game and then selecting the server to connect to. BSOD appears right after the game tries to connect: Double click to server name, then the sound stucks, everything including mouse cursor frezes for a second and then BSOD appears.

I've read a lot of articles with other BSOD bugs and tried options to fix that: fix files with steam, reinstall the game or whole windows, change compatibility mode for exe files, refresh or even downgrade drivers - nothing works for me.

I've also tried an option to replace BEService_x64.exe with other one downloaded from some of your resources. After that the game stopped to cause BSOD, but every try to connect to server was also failed - the game just halted and then restarted again (opened with main menu).


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
ultimate x64 SP1
Steps To Reproduce
  1. start the game
  2. "change server"
  3. Select any server
Additional Information

Im on windows 7. P5QL SE, msi GTX 760, xeon 5450


i dont know which way you'll inform me about the answer, so here is my email

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Sorry, i didnt specify the version of dayz

here it is: 1.0.150000

bsod screenshot

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Hello anton.dukhanin and thank you for the report.
Can you please provide us with a dxdiag file from your computer?

here. its a report file from x64 dxdiag version

and please note that bug is not permanent. sometimes i can succefully connect to the server without bsod

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Thank you anton.dukhanin.
A fix is being worked on by the BattlEye team.