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M4-A1 magazine attachment state error
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My M4-A1 has been working fine for days. I detached the magazine to reload and suddenly it wouldn't allow me to reattach the magazine. Exiting the server, reconnecting, changing servers, closing the game, and validating local files did not correct the problem.

I tried replacing all other attachments, each of which worked fine, and I tried using a different magazine which also did not work.

The gun shows that it has a magazine when viewed in the game world, but when viewed in the inventory it shows no magazine attached.

It allows chambering a single round and shooting, but otherwise is no longer functioning as expected.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

This is reminiscent of a previous bug where the guns spawn with magazines visibly attached, but the magazine cannot be removed or changed.

I recorded a video showing that I am unable to attach a magazine, but it's 668 megabytes and doesn't show anything indicating how its state got corrupted.

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One additional thing I can say is that the gun and the magazines were acquired from killing known item duplication abusers and I haven't encountered this issue with any M4-A1 I've obtained from a spawn point.

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Hello fundogthrillionaire.
Has this issue occurred on stable or experimental?

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This happened yesterday on the stable branch.