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AI groups won't abandon previously used (and now empty) vehicles if tasked with getting in a new one.
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AI, when tasked with Getting into and Getting out of Vehicle #1, will return to Vehicle #1 (with the exception of the Leader) when tasked to get into Vehicle #2, and #3, and so on.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Place three vehicles, AI group that can fit inside them.

Task the AI group with getting into and getting out of each of them in series.

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Thank you for the report. Could please be a bit more specific or create a video of the issue and upload it here or send a link to it? Because I have no problem with disembarking the squad from one vehicle and moving it to another one. Are you by any chance using Zeus?

JAKKAT added a comment.EditedJan 14 2019, 10:26 PM

I am using the editor in Vanilla ArmA. The screenshot I added to Additional Information shows my entire test - no hidden attribute changes.

To reiterate, the whole fireteam will get into a Hunter, drive to the Get Out, and Get Out.
However, when they are given a Get In waypoint to a new vehicle (I made mine immediate, other person made his delayed), three of the four will get into the old vehicle (as if one of 's conditions were in play) and the Leader will get into the new vehicle.

I didn't actually come across this issue, someone else on the ARMA discord did - I just confirmed it.