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Instant death - Siting in wheel less car and logging out and back in while wolves are outside of the building
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Playing the DayZ for the last 8 hours have been nothing but a total nightmare and full of frustration!
Let me elaborate why;

First of all, I am playing on stable version 1.0.150000, official DayZ server DayZ NL 3664719 (Public) - Hosted by IP:

Bug number #1
On 03/01/2019, me and my friend were travelling to Svergino from Chernaya Polana. In-between, in the fields, there are four barracks, that was the route we took, through the fields of Chernaya Polana(west of it) to the Barracks and proceeded to run towards the East of Svergino. Now, just South of Svergino there is a railway and just underneath them, South-East, there's a tiny village of around 4 houses. We decided to loot the place and noticed that there's a blue car, in fact, it didn't have any wheels, therefore the bottom of the car was directly onto the ground, perhaps even looked a bit sucked into the ground. Me, stupid at the time, decided to hop in into the front left seat, almost immediately loud and strange noise bursts out and I die. My friend sent me a picture of my body, it kind of was sunk into the car. Nor my friend could loot my body. I will attach an image of the map pinpointing the exact location of the unfortunate event.

Bug number #2
The following day but the same session on 04/01/2019 I was at the very same barracks in-between Svergino and Chernaya Polana. It was complete darkness, middle of the night time. Suddenly I hear these wolves summoning around me, despite the fact that I did not make any loud noises, just running. I thought that if I stay quite they will calm down and scatter away like infected do, ohh I was wrong. They were fierce and even their heads popped through walls time to time. I know that zombies lose their focus on you after you log out and come back in, so I thought the same effects is on wolves. I did that, decided to run towards the next barracks but as soon as I ran out of the barracks I was approached by one of the wolves and died instantly. It seemed as if the wolve didn't even bite me but still I died. I will attach an image of the map pinpointing the exact location of the unfortunate event.

Hopefully, I have been helpful with the information that I have provided. This is not begging for my lost gear but a sincere report that you hopefully will look into and apply a fix to prevent any similar events of happening.

Thank you for your time!


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 Build 17763.194
Steps To Reproduce

Bug number #1

  1. Find a blue car without any wheels that sits directly on the ground, perhaps even looks slightly sunk into the ground.
  2. Hop into the front left seat

Bug number #2

  1. Summon wolves, make them angry near barracks
  2. Enter barracks
  3. Let the wolves rage at you for a moment
  4. Log out(force log out)
  5. Come back in, wait for wolves to acknowledge that you are inside without peeking outside
  6. Run out

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seene created this task.Jan 4 2019, 2:02 AM

Ad bug #1: Some Lada's are "sunken" into the groud. Whenever a player enters such a car, they are immediatelly killed. (no matter which seat, no matter if the car is stripped off or fully loaded; this has no impact). This is a frustrating issue (especially for newer players trying hard to fix their first car).

Possible solution (black-box view):
A) fix the spawning points of cars so they do not spawn underground.
B) create a script which continuously checks whether a car is sinking into the ground and fix its position.
C) [alternative] create a script which continuosly checks for cars that are sunken and despawns them.

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This comment was removed by Dwarden.