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Basebuilding still broken
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I asked last patch about the point of building a base since it is way too easy to raid it. Now the "Fix" is something you mentioned, like the deconstructing making sounds and the tool for destoying it, would be breaking down while doing it.

  1. It still takes only 1 minute per Base-Tile to deconstruct it (so a total of 4 minutes and that is unchanged). In my opinion and looking at other games with raidable bases like Rust (and yes in my oppineon they should always be raidable) it should take at least an hour or two to get through a wall. It may sound like a lot but i played rust and people will still offline raid if it takes them more then that amount of time, but for the beginning it would be enought for testing.
  2. You also made it way harder to build metal base parts since carrying them is just so slow and only possible by hands (we had no car) and it also takes the same time and tool durability to remove it. Furthermore you can penetrate both, wood and metal with gunfire. That´s just making it rediculessly pointless and disappointing to use those parts.
  3. The durability that is used to deconstruct is rediculess. What i had in mind is like 5 Sledgehammers for one wall, which was in my opinion really just generous to the raiders (since you can also repair them with ductape). So in stats to deconsturct 2 of the 4 wall-tiles it took the hammer from "Pristine" to "Used". That means you can just use one sledge to take out a base wall and therefore the durability drain can be ignored in my opinion (it´s still repairable so you don´t need 2 sledges for maybe a 2 layer base just ducatape, what again makes it easier).
  4. To be fair the sound made by the sledge is ok.

You may think im the only one or just one of a few people that are really disappointed about basebuilding, but that´s not the case. Every forum thread or article i read about basebuilding is written by someone who is disappointed. I wasn´t able to test if you fixed stuff like codelocking the gate of a base (where i was able to just remove the codelock even if it was locked last patch) since i didn´t find any wire and after testing the destruction time of bases i didn´t want to test it anymore since locking your base would be pointless anyways. But calling this a "fix" or rather like in the bugreport "Tweaked Basebuilding" (which tells me nothing, rather write something like we didn´t change the time you need to destroy a base or rather the balance of basebuilding) is just making it hard for me to get me to test such stuff or even play DayZ active again. This is not meant to be flame, but it´s so frustrating to spend about 8 hours collecting stuff to build a base and test it, just to notice that basically nothing changed. Then just write that clearly in the Update details. And if you don´t know how to balance the basebuilding maybe ask you community. I played about 1000 hours of epoch mod in arma and 500 hours of rust and 200 hours miscreated and 600 hours of Ark. Those games or mods already tried some stuff for basebuilding just aks your community in a strawpoll our make it easier for admins to change that stuff on their private hive. Doing nothing and hiding it just disappoints people. And i seriously want to play DayZ again with my firends. Everybody (or most ppl) want bases as a thing they can store their loot or cars over night , knowing that it will probably still be there when they log on the next day or after work (maybe an offline raid protection like other games did) and those bases being worth fighting for (so maybe if they are offline raid protected then a time of 1 hour or 30 mins per wall would be ok to break in so they don´t steal your stuff when you and your friends are heading to the Airfield). For example if you want to make a kind of "realistic" offline raid protection consider making it possible to use a generator to elektrify our metal walls and the barbed wire so it can´t be raided untill the fuel runs out or something similar. Just try stuff.

  1. And last but not least saying stuff like:" One player can defend the base when your online and want to go to the airfield" is just not practical. Just imagine you are playing with your friends and you are the sad one who has to stay at your clan base in the middle of nowhere to protect it and hear you friends having the fight and fun of their lives on the airfield in teamspeak and you just sit there watching a deer on the field (sicne there is nothing you can do in your base other then soring stuff atm). Even if you plan something later on it´s not practical at the moment. So don´t balance for it. Please, just listen to your community. If you disagree with these points i made ask others for their opinion, but by just continueing and ignoring stuff you just scare them off.
  2. And i didn´t even start about the griefing issue (since i played Rust where it is really bad). You don´t face it now, because nobody wants to build a base in DayZ since it is pointless, but when you maybe patch it usefull some time you will have to face it belive me other games with basebuilding had to face it too. There is no such thing as a TC in Rust or a Jammer in the Arma 3 Epoch mod, that blocks others from building close to your base, everybody can grief it easy. They just need to block your door from the outside with a wall they build or just raid your base by building stuff close to it and climbing over the wall and this problem could be solved so easy by just implementing stuff like rust or even the older Arma 3 mod epoch. Learn from those projects they are not bad and nobody would blame you if you take some parts of their system. Maybe a Flagpole as a Jammer like the Exile mod did (also Arma 3), it would even fit the setting and looks really cool in my opineon.
  3. Now as the really last issue i read in forums is that some of your developement team think that there is just more negative feedback like mine in forums and here is just because the people that are happy won´t write anything. But that is in my opinion it´s not the case. The truth is that the only people who still care about your game are those writing stuff here. In my group that i´m playing with (i met them in DayZ 4 years ago and play with them on a daily base) nodoby except me even makes an effort to write anything to you since they are all done with your game. And belive me they really wanted DayZ to sucseed, but they honestly lost hope in you and the last patches you threw out didn´t make it any better at all.

Best Regards,
in the hope of being heard,


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This. I dont understand why they dont change the outside damage value and multiply it by 10 or 20 for now.
It is comeplty useless to build a base, and it will be completly useless over the whole christmas vacations to build a base, because everyone can just destroy a lower part of a wall in 1minute and crawl in and loot everything.

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Good that this post gets ignored by Bohemia.

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Any answers for this ? any changes so far?

Nope they never responed and i´m sick of testing for them and getting no feedback, so i don´t know for sure if they changed something so far (and the patchnotes usually don´t help, because they are not detailed).

They might be on Xmas vacation.

Then they should add a bot that tells you that. Furthermore a support site of a product that is used a lot on vacation takes that time off... shouldn´t be the case.

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