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I hate dayz, on the first days the game was running well, i haved lots of times of fun in this game during the starting updates, but after some updates what the developers did was making the game FREEZE every 15 secs, making the game crash a lot of times and it made me lost lots of my itens everyday, my SHITTY GAME have freezed and i've lost recently an x1 with an Bomber Axe civillian, he was 10m far from me and i was using an full loaded shotgun, then this horribly programed game have just freezed again, when my game have unfreezed i got dead, took like 5 hours looting and i died because the developers dont care about the buyers and they dont test the game before any release, IS PRETTY EASY TO PLAY 5 HOURS OF THE FUCKING GAME ON AN XBOX ONE S AND SEE IF IT HAVE ANY PROBLEM, fix this shit now please, DAYZ FANS CANT TAKE IT NO MORE


Operating System
Windows 10
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Xbox One
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Just start an game on an xbox one normal and try to play without rage, the game is broken

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Fix the damn shotguns, i need to shoot this shit and reload all the ammo every time i shoot .-.

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-Dayz Fans

This is their test method. XBOX lacks an expiremental build at the moment and this is what we have. If you were the huge DayZ fan you claim to be you should be amazed by the simple fact that this game can even run on XBOX hardware. Please help me, a DayZ fan since the mod, improve this very flawed XBOX port with more constructive criticism rather than clogging the feedback forum with non-constructive posts like this. Thank you.

Do you at least are playing the game? It was running fine in the release, now the game months after are just crashing and laggint ALL THE TIME, dont be an idiot and ask the developers to test the game before the release, i paid this shit and they are fixing and broking the game just as they did in PC version in 3 years, if you are idiot and you want to let their play with us while we have our games bugged and fucked up you can request it Just for yourself, i want my game playable, not with EXTREMELY GAMEPLAY BROKING BUGS AND GLITCHES THAT I GET NOTICED JUST AFTER 1 MINUTE ON THE SERVER LITERALLY

That's a shame, If their developers cant test the game for a couple hours they can employ me to test, i could even do this shit for free

Well it's a beta, whether you like it or not, you already are testing the game for free, actually, you paid to test the game. I think if you accept that, you'll be less frustrated with the game. Your comments do however highlight the importance of an experimental build for XBOX. I personally don't know the feasability of such a thing, but I do know that PUBG was able to do something similar. I'm simply asking that when you come here, respect this as means to improve the game rather than using it as a place to rage. If had made a post requesting an experimental build, that would make it easier for the devs to be aware that it is something that the community wants. Instead you posted garbage and then proceeded to spam the "update priority." By doing so you actively hurt other players' ability to bring attention to their own concerns by polluting the "recent activity" feed with your pile of crap.

The Xbox IS experimental. it is equal to the experimental branch. 0.63 Beta never came to stable. It was only on experimental. They took 0.63 Beta and slapped 1.0 on it and pushed it to stable branch. 1.0 is still Beta.

Everything the experimental branch gets, xbox gets.

Thank you, I hadn't realised that. However I was referring to having two separate playable builds. The XBOX is bound to have plenty of issues that will be different than those seen in the PC versions of each respective build and players would benefit from having a "stable" build with relatively less bugs than the "experimental."

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thats funny nhow, because the experimental have hoes for gardening, not on XB yet, they also have more weapons available than the 12 we currently have. no offence NHOW but STFU you have no idea what youre talking about. i mean do you actually know what the experimental servers do??? clearly not otherwise youd stop talking so much beeswax mate

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Thank you, I hadn't realised that. However I was referring to having two separate playable builds. The XBOX is bound to have plenty of issues that will be different than those seen in the PC versions of each respective build and players would benefit from having a "stable" build with relatively less bugs than the "experimental."

Just like pubg and pubg RTS, my critic is because the game was running well on the start with some very gamebreaking glitches but the game was on his engine RUNNING PERFECTLY, now these guys change little things and just update the game with NEW broking ENGINE GLITCHES, and they dont test it before release the game, for all you pc players, stop talking shit, isn't because your guys have an cool pc and the 1.0 game that we need to wait YEARS to have the game running fine tho, TESTING THE GAME AND SEE ANY BIG PROBLEMS THAT I GET NOTICED 5 MINUTES AFTER PLAYING THE GAME WONT MAKE SOMEONE LOST A LIMB, i paid for a game that was running fine, but instead of fixing the game they just turn it unplayable until part of the fans say that they're correct, a bunch of assholes

Everything the experimental branch gets, xbox gets.

As i said, the game was running like an 1.0 in the start with the simple bug with the magazines that get stucked on the fun, after they fix it the game was running ok atm, but after this the game just got fucked up by then, why they just dont have fixed the game and let it run ok like before?? they should make an profissional job and do an reverse engineering on the game for check what they added and see what's causing all this crashes and instabilities