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Changes to strafe keybinds do not take effect
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After changing the keybinds for strafe, the changes do not appear to take affect. The original controls (A and D) still work, while the new controls do not.

Specifically, I changed my strafe left/right from A/D to left/right arrow, respectively. The left/right arrow do nothing, while A/D still strafe my character to the left or right.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Win10 1803
Steps To Reproduce

!! Note: I have not confirmed with other people who play the game if they can reproduce, only on my own PC after deleting my profile.

Change controls as follows: Change Strafe Left to Left Arrow, and Strafe Right to Right Arrow. Apply controls.

You should now have the same problem.

Additional Information

I've uploaded a video of the problem to Youtube, which you can find here, ( I've also attached the DayZ folder from my Documents to include my user profile.

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Forgot to attach my profile. Here it is.

i also have the same problem as intergalactic with changing the a & d keys to the left and right arrow keys, this is a game breaking bug for left handed players, please fix this a.s.a.p. as we cant play this game until its fixed.

ya having the same problem and we never had this problem before and i had this game since the day it came out 5 years ago
so please fix the simple problems !!!

Same issue. A and D looked to be locked to those specific keys. Even though you can configure them to change it doesn't apply the change.

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Yes can confirm, how come this is not assigned yet as this is major problem.

Could be related but few keybinds keeps changing on their own as well (VOIP and chat at least gets reverted or changed on every game start)

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Hello everyone and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

can i ask when will this be fixed please as im eager to get back into game asap please

Geez added a comment.Dec 19 2018, 10:16 AM

Hello smallville.
Unfortunately we do not have any time estimate on when this will be fixed.

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I play Counterstrike since 1998 with arrow-keys. It`s simply not the same feeling for me to use wasd, although of course i can play with the standard config..... I also wonder as it worked for the last 2000 hours playing dayz, before the 0.63. I can`t believe that it is such a big issue to solve that problem. But it would be very important for me personally to solve it soon.

Severity Minor ????? I don`t agree -> basic control settings are a minor problem? for right or left handed? for handicapped people or pro-gamers? alltogether for 80-90% of players maybe...
Resolution Open-> OK, I can live with that for the moment
Reproducibility Always-> YES , true for 1.0

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Hello everyone.
The issue has been fixed internally and will be fixed on Steam in the future.