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Unconscious issues + bugs (1.0)
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Unconscious is still rather buggy, unbalanced, and has some issues.

  1. Unconscious is rather too short right now, and should have hearing in and out, when vision fades in and out (HUD should disappear too)
  1. Bodies/Corpses have geometry which allows you to step over bodies and block them from standing back up after being unconscious (this bug is bad)
  1. When waking up from unconscious, it's really delayed to get back up on your feet (holding C) as you lay on your back, and is hard to get back up. (better solution is waking up laying on your stomach)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fall unconscious
  2. Having people step over you
  3. Wake up and try to get back up

(Try again without people on top of you, and see how delayed it is, to get back up using C)

Additional Information

Your eyes aren't shut when you are unconscious (visual bug)
Same boring animation for falling over uncon sucks :/

Looting bodies, while they have collision/geometry sucks a lot. It's buggy, annoying, and hard to find the sweet spot to get the loot off the dead body while prone. It was better when dead bodies didn't have collision/geometry

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